Evo X Shorty Antenna – 3P Performance – Evo X 02 Housing


Once machining is finished they are sent to powder coating and laser engraving for a high quality finish.  Unlike many of the competitions antennas that are anodized and will fade in the sun.  Installation is easy and requires no tools.  Let’s be honest, you know your Evolution resembles a remote controlled auto with that fish-post manufacturing plant Evo 8 Shorty Antenna. Perrin has created two answers for this issue: A four-inch and a two-inch length swap antenna for the OEM Mitsubishi EVO unit. The Perrin reception apparatuses for the EVO 8/9 highlight an alluring, anodized dark complete that looks awesome with the OEM base and introduces in minutes. Contingent upon your communicate zone, a shorty antenna may corrupt radio group. Antenna doesn’t fit? You can expand the strung stud at the base by basically unscrewing it! When seeking to buy Evo X Shorty Antenna, it is important that it has all the features in it.

Top notch Short substitution Antenna made of Aircraft Quality T-6061 CNC Billet Aluminum and Real Carbon Fiber. Dependable Anodized Aluminum Finish that will withstand the harshest Weather Elements. Shading: Black Aluminum. Every Antenna accompanies an Installation unit of 4 Different Size Studs and Extra Spacers to fit generally vehicles. Not for use in vehicles that have mechanized, retractable reception apparatuses. If you are looking to buy the antenna at the best rates then online comparison is important. We offer a wide range of shorty antennas. You can compare the prices and look for the one the suits best to you. Call us on 7202850616

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Mazdaspeed 3 Greddy Bov Flange , HKS Bov Kit, Greddy Bov Kit – 3P Performance

Mazdaspeed 3 Greddy bov flange.jpg

The 3P Performance Greddy BOV flanges are fabricated by CNC cutting of the highest-quality T-6 6061 aluminum on the market. Once the CNC process has been completed we send the BOV flanges off to be anodized. HKS USA, Inc. presents the third era Super Sequential Blow-Off Valve, Super SQV3. In 1994 HKS presented the main Sequential Blow-Off Valve with an interesting force sort consecutive valve structure and a differential weight control framework that permits a wide operation run from low to high lift. This force sort alleviation configuration guarantees stable operation paying little heed to lift weight.


Mazdaspeed 3 Greddy Bov Kit incorporates all things needed to introduce your new hks bov onto the Mazdaspeed 3. We likewise incorporate both a VTA plug and recirc fitting so you will have both alternatives accessible. This will permit to change forward and backward effortlessly without need to buy extra parts. New Super SQV 3 highlights incorporate a nickel-plated, kick the bucket cast metal optional valve which is swaged to the essential valve, a stainless steel C-Clip and spring to expand fixing and toughness. To guarantee purchasers that they are obtaining a real HKS item, the new plan joins a holographic HKS logo on the back of the valve and extra HKS logos cast onto the body.

This process ensures that our customers receive a high quality product, superior look, and the finest fitment on the market.   Designed to work with all factory hardware including factory Mazdaspeed O-ring. If you are also looking to buy Mazdaspeed HKS Bov Kit, then we are the name you can rely on. You can visit our website and make purchase online. Call us on 7202850616

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Evo X 02 Housing & Evo 8/9 Shorty Antenna – 3P Performance


When looking for shorty antenna for your car there are many things you need to be considered. There are different sorts of shorty antennas out there, but when choosing one that can cater to your needs then Evo X short antenna is the name you can rely on. The radio antenna chips away at a basic standard. The section of the radio waves over the reception apparatus’ pole produces minute electrical charges. Contingent upon the length and different subtle elements of the reception apparatus plan, specific radio wavelengths are caught more effectively than others. The plan of an auto’s radio recieving antenna considers the contrasting frequencies of the AM and FM groups to furnish great gathering with either.


It’s fundamental, obviously, for the electrical driving forces created by the recieving antenna to get to your auto radio with as meager loss of flag as could reasonably be expected. Auto recieving antennas accomplish this through the utilization a transmission line. Presently this can be accomplished by any medium of exchange that has capacity to exchange feeble signs with at least misfortune and expansion of electrical impedance. When looking to buy Evo X short antenna there are many options available.

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Ford Focus ST Shorty Antenna & Ford Focus ST Downpipe – 3P Performance


Numerous parts of your Ford Focus ST can be effortlessly adjusted for more power and execution. While many parts are presumably on your own overhaul list, supplanting the Focus ST downpipe can be the redesign with the best value for your money since it gives you enhanced fumes stream, turbo spool up time and torque.


Each one of the Ford Focus ST downpipes will offer give you a great deal more power and execution using high-stream funneling and a diminishment in limitation. For some of these Focus ST downpipes, this is mostly proficient through the expansion of a high stream, elite exhaust system. This offers considerably more noteworthy execution than the manufacturing plant Focus ST downpipe, while as yet enabling your auto to be road lawful. However, some Focus ST downpipes do exclude an exhaust system, which takes into account considerably higher stream, however these autos are entirely for rough terrain utilize as it were.

Nonetheless, every one of these Ford Focus ST downpipes will have a much smoother plan, with less curves and preferred materials over the production line rendition. This takes into consideration better execution, as well as these new Focus ST downpipes make a greatly improved sound from your auto also. Call us on : 7202850616

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Mazdaspeed 3 Greddy BOV Flange – Mazdaspeed 3 HKS BOV Kit


Buying spare parts for your car may be a hectic task, especially when you are using a luxurious car like the Mazdaspeed 3 as these cars require special attention and using only genuine quality parts from a reliable supplier is the right choice anyone can make when buying Mazdaspeed 3 Greddy Bov Flange. The spare parts must be prepared with the premium quality material in collaboration with the advanced technology to allow your vehicle to perform its best whenever on the road. Mazdaspeed 3 HKS bov kit ncludes everything necessary to install your new hks bov onto the Mazdaspeed 3.

When buying from online, make sure you are dealing with a reliable supplier and don’t forget to take a look at the reviews and feedback from their past clients regarding the products and parts they’ve served. Also make sure to go through their delivery and return policies as they matter a lot as you may get the wrong product so there should be some policy to get it returned and get the new one at no extra cost involved. 3P Performance is one of the leading online platforms where you get a wide range of spare parts to let your vehicle enjoy its maximum performance without making a bigger hole to your pocket as each o our products come within your budget and delivery on time that you can trust upon.

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Mazdaspeed 3 Greddy bov flange

Mazdaspeed 3 Greddy bov flange.jpg

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